After the first half of the season, it is clear that Atletico is not going to be a champion. The team has lost a lot of points, which is not surprising, because the team is not performing well. However, the team still has a chance to win the championship, because it is not easy to win it.
In the last season, the club was able to win La Liga, but it lost the Champions League. This season, Diego Simeone’s team will have to win not only the Champions Cup, but also the Europa League.
Diego Simeones’ team has a great chance to achieve this goal, because Atletico has a lot to improve. The main problem is the lack of motivation. The players are not able to give their all, because they are used to winning everything.

The main goal of the team for the upcoming season is to win a place in the Champions league zone. At the moment, the main competitor of the club is Liverpool. The Reds have a great lineup, which allows the team to win almost every match.
If Atletico manages to win at least one of the cups it will be a great achievement, because this is a long-awaited victory.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The season of the Spanish championship is in full swing, and the results of the matches are already visible. The first matches of the new season are very interesting, because many teams are ready to fight for the title.
The first matches have shown that the main contenders for the champion title are:
* Barcelona;
* Real;
* Valencia.
All these teams have a lot in common. They are all very strong, have a good lineup, and are able to score a lot.
Barcelona has a very good lineup. Lionel Messi, Suarez, Rakitic, Busquets, Suarez and so on. All of them are able, together with the team, to score goals.
However, the Catalans are not the only team that can compete with Atletico. The following teams can also fight for gold medals:
· Valencia;
· Madrid;
· Sevilla.
This list can go on and on, but the main thing is that the teams have to play at the same level. The Catalans have already shown that they are able not only to win, but to do it in a very short time.
Atletico has been in the top 4 for a long time, and now it is very difficult to get out of it. The club needs to improve its results, because now it has a good chance to get into the top-4.
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Where to find the latest information from the Spanish Championship?
The Spanish championship has recently entered the new stage, and many teams have already managed to take advantage of the changes in the standings. Now, it’s much easier to follow the results on
One of the main surprises of the championship was the fact that Real Madrid managed to win its first trophy. The previous season, Cristiano Ronaldo’ team won the Champions trophy. However this time, the Meringues were not able, because of the injuries of Ronaldo and the lack in motivation of the players.
Now, the season has already ended, and it is now much easier for fans to follow all the results. The fscore website is the best place to find out the latest data from the championship.
Latest Results of the Primera
The Primera is one of Spain’ most popular championships. The fans have a wide choice of matches, and they can follow the latest results on the fscure website.
It is now very easy to follow Primera matches thanks to the fscore platform. The website is a great resource for fans of Spanish football.
There are a lot more matches, but this list will not be complete. The Primera has a long and interesting history, and there are a number of important confrontations that will be remembered for a very long time. The most important of them is the one between Barcelona and Real Madrid.
Both teams have the same number of victories in the Primer. However the Merseses have a much better lineup. This is clear from the results, which show that the team has an excellent game.
Real Madrid has a number that is not so good, but even this number is not too bad. The Meringue have a very bad record in the confrontations with Barcelona. The last time they won was in the previous season.
Despite this, the players of the Catalons have a chance of winning the trophy. In the last year, the Blaugranas have a number advantage over the Meredeses.
Will Messi and the team be able to repeat their triumph in the next season?
Barça has a new coach, and this is the first time that he has led the team. The coach of the Blasgranas is Josep Guardiola. The Spaniard has a fantastic game, and he has already managed not only a great result, but a great one too.
He has managed to achieve a number victory in the matches with Real Madrid, and a number triumph with Barcelona too.

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