The summer transfer window is in full swing and, as a result, we can expect a lot of interesting events. One of the most interesting is the contract of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player has already signed a new contract, which will last for another year. The contract was signed on the 20th of August, and it is worth noting that it is a new deal that will be valid for the next year.
Real Madrid has already started to sign new players, and the most notable of them is the signing of the Belgian forward, Eden Hazard. The Belgian player has signed a contract that will last until the summer of 2020. This contract is worth mentioning, because the player has a lot to prove.

The Belgian player is a good player, who can be a good addition to the Real lineup. The main problem of the club is the lack of stability, which is the main reason why the team is not able to compete for the gold medals in the Champions League.
The club has recently signed the young goalkeeper, Marc-Andre ter Stegen. The goalkeeper has signed an initial contract that is worth 20 million euros. The player is the second goalkeeper of the team, after the goalkeeper of Atletico, Iker Muniain. The club has already set a budget for the goalkeeper, which can be seen on the website of the company.
It is worth highlighting that the club has a good budget, which allows it to sign a goalkeeper that will not only be able to save the team from the danger, but also to play in the starting lineup.
Will the club be able not only to compete in the domestic arena, but to win the Champions Cup too?
The team has a number of problems that can be solved with the help of the new goalkeeper. The first problem is the instability of the lineup. This is the reason why many players leave the team during the season. Eden Hazard, for example, left the team. The team also has a problem with the lack stability, because many players have different contracts.
Another problem is that the team does not have a good goalkeeper. This problem is not new, and Real Madrid has been trying to solve it for a long time. The problem is solved, because now the club can sign a new goalkeeper who will be able solve the problem.
This is the new contract signed by Eden Hazard
The new contract of the goalkeeper is worth noticing, because it is the first of its kind. The new contract is a valid for a maximum of five years. The cost of the contract is 20 million. The amount of money is very small, but it is enough to solve the problems of the stability of the squad.
At the moment, the club does not seem to have a stable lineup, so the goalkeeper will have to do his best to help the team win the gold cups. The Europa League is another problem that the Real Madrid team has. The squad of the Spanish club does a good job in the tournament, but the club will have a hard time in the Europa League, because of the lack in stability.
However, the new season promises to be interesting, because there are a lot more interesting events that will take place.
What are the main goals of the Real team?
It can be said that the main goal of the Madrid club is to win gold medals at the Champions league. This will be possible, because Real Madrid is a strong club, which has a long history of winning the tournament.
In the last season, the team managed to win all the tournaments it entered. The last season was the best for the club, because they won the Champions, Europa League and the Spanish Cup.
Now, the main problem for Real is the Europa league. The Spanish club has not been in the top 4 for a number years. This can be the reason for the lack instability of their lineup. Eden has solved the problem, because he is able to play not only in the first line, but he can also be a backup goalkeeper.
Of course, the Europa tournament is not the main priority of the coach of the Royal club, but this is the club’s main goal. The coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, has already said that he wants to win a lot in the next season, because this will be the last time that the Royal team will play in Europe.
Why is the team in the position it is in now?
Of the main reasons that can explain the lack status of the current season of the tournament is the fact that the squad of Madrid has not won the Europa Cup. This failure can be called a failure of the main club of the country, and this is a real shame.
There are many reasons for the failure of Real. The most important ones are:
1. Lack of stability. The lack of the instability is not only the lack, but is also a real problem. Many players have several contracts, which are not enough for the team to compete.
2. Lack in the lineup of the leaders. The leaders of the roster of the Zinedines team have different problems. The players have not yet found their game, and many of them are not able yet to show their maximum.
3. Lack on the results. The results of the season of Real are not good, and they are not the best of the last year.

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