Cristian Ronaldo has become one of the main stars of the Old World. The Portuguese forward has scored a record-high number of goals for Real Madrid. The season has been extremely successful for the Portuguese player. The team has won the Champions League, the Europa League, and the Spanish Cup.
The season of the Champions has ended, and Real Madrid won the trophy for the first time in the history of the club. The previous time, the team won the Cup was in the season of 1990.
In the Champions Cup final, the Real Madrid team was led by the legendary Ronaldo. The legendary Portuguese player scored a hat-trick in the final match of the tournament. The hat-tricks were scored by Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo, and Isco.

In total, the Portuguese scored 6 goals, and he managed to score 6 goals in the Champions final. This is the record for the number of hat-ricks in a single match.
Real Madrid won 4:2, and Cristiano scored a goal in each of the matches. In the end, the legendary Portuguese scored the most goals in a Champions final, and this record has not been broken since.
This is the second time that Real Madrid has won this trophy. In 1990, the club won it for the second year in a row. The last time Real Madrid was the winner of the Cup of Spain was in 2000.
However, the previous record was broken by Barcelona. The Catalans won the cup for the third time in a year. This time, it was a 2:1 victory.
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Cup of the Champion
The Champions Cup is the most prestigious club tournament in the world. It is held every year, and it is one of Spain’s most popular tournaments. The first Cup of the year was held in 1878, and since then it has been held every season.
At the start of the season, the Champions’ Cup was held for the fourth time. The teams that were participating in the tournament were:
· Barcelona;
· Real Madrid;
· Sevilla.
Barcelona won the tournament for the fifth time. This season, Lionel Messi scored the highest number of points in the club tournament. Messi has scored 28 goals, which is the third most in the Spanish championship.
Also, the Messi-Messi-Messia scored the second hat-rick of the championship. The other hat-rricks were made by:
• Ronaldo;

• Isco;
• Marcelo.
All the goals scored by Messi are the best in the championship, and they are also the most scored by a player in a match. The following players scored the best number of La Liga goals:
1. Messi;
2. Ronaldo.
3. Isco, who scored 4 goals.
4. Marcelo scored 3 goals.
The most important trophy of the Catalan club is the La Liga. This year, the Catalans have the best chances of winning the title.
It is not surprising that the team has a good chance of winning. The main rival of Barcelona is Real Madrid, and many fans are hoping that the Catalons will win the trophy.
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Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the current season is the fight for the champion title. The current champion is Real Sociedad. The club has a long history, and its fans are expecting a lot from the team.
Sociedad has a lot of advantages. The most important one is the following:
* Long bench;
* Long bench.
Many players are able to rest for several days. This allows the team to rest and be ready for the next match. This approach is very important, because the club has long bench and it can play with the main competitors.
Another advantage of the team is the fact that it has a very good transfer policy. Many players have already left the team, and others are leaving the club for other clubs.
If Real Madrid is the main rival, then Barcelona is the team that can challenge the Catalonians. The Catalan club has many advantages over its main rival. The best example of this is the long bench. The Barcelona bench is the longest in the league.
Of course, the main intrigue is the struggle for the title, but the Catalonian club has the following advantages:
⦁ Good transfers policy;
⁂ Very long bench;
₂ Longer bench than the main rivals.
Most of the fans are looking forward to the fight against the Catalunians, and there is a high probability that the club will win.
La Liga Results
The current season of La liga has ended. The championship has been won by Barcelona, which has won it 5 times. The second place went to Valencia, and third place to Real Madrid and Sevilla, respectively.

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