Bale’s agents are working to increase his wages at Real Madrid, but the player himself has not been in the best of moods for a long time.
In the summer, the club paid Bale ยฃ80 million. However, the player refused to sign a new contract, and the club was not able to offer him a new deal.
However, the situation has changed now, and Bale is now willing to sign new contracts with the club.
Bale has a contract with Real for another three years, and it is expected that he will be able to sign another one.
The player is in good shape, and he is able to play in all the matches of the Spanish championship.

The club will have to pay Bale more money, but they are confident that they will be paid for it.
Real Madrid has a good lineup, and they are able to compete with the leaders of the championship. The club is in a good shape right now, but it is still too early to say that it will be a winner.
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What to expect from the Champions League Final
The Champions League final is coming up, and there is still a lot of intrigue in the tournament.
Of course, the main intrigue is the fight for the title. The last two champions have been fighting for it for a while now.
But the main fight is for the right to enter the Champions league for the last time. The fight for it is not over yet, and we will see if the leaders will be enough to get the coveted ticket to the top club.
Of the two finalists, Real Madrid is the stronger team. The Royal club has a better lineup and has more chances to win the coveted title.
They have a good coach, too. Josep Guardiola has managed to bring the team to the Champions club for the first time. It will be interesting to see how the team will perform in the final.
Will it be enough for them to get into the Champions zone?
The team has a lot to prove in the Champions final, and this is the main goal of the season.
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Latest livescore football results from all around the globe
The season of the Champions is coming to its final round. The final round is very important for the teams.
At the end of the tournament, the teams will be ranked according to their performance in the previous rounds.
For Real Madrid it is very difficult to get out of the group stage. The team needs to win at least one match in order to get to the next round.
That is why the team needs a good performance in its matches.

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