The start of the season of the Champions league has already shown that there is no room for complacency. The teams that are considered favorites of the tournament are:
1. Barcelona. The Catalans have a great lineup, which can play with any team. The team is also well balanced, which allows it to achieve the desired result.
2. Real Madrid. The Royal Club has a good lineup, and it is capable of playing with almost any team in the tournament.
3. Manchester City. The Citizens have a good team, which is capable to impose a fight on its rivals.
4. Juventus. The Turin club has a great squad, which has already managed to win a lot of trophies.
5. Bayern. The Bavarians have a talented lineup, but it is not the most balanced.
The Champions League is a tournament that is very difficult to predict, because it is played in a very short period of time. The best teams have already won the tournament, and the rest of the teams are trying to get into the playoffs.
All the results of the first rounds of the Spanish championship can be found on the website of sports statistics. Here you can always find the latest information about the matches of the championship, as well as other important events.
Results of the start of season of La Liga
The season of Spanish football has already started, and already the first matches of La liga have shown that the competition is very intense. The main favorites of this season are: Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčReal Madrid, ‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčBarcelona, ‚Äč ‚Äč‚ÄčJuventus, ‚Äč and ‚Äč ‚Äč ‚ÄčReal Madrid.
Barcelona is the team that has the best lineup of all the teams, and this is demonstrated by the fact that it has already won several trophies. The club has already played with many teams, but the main favorites are: ‚Äč ‚ÄčBarcelona; ‚Äč ‚ÄčJuventus; ‚Äč Real Madrid; ‚Äč and Manchester City, ‚Äč which is considered one of the main contenders for the title.

The main rivals of the Catalans are ‚Äč ‚ÄčManchester City; ‚Äč Liverpool; ‚Äč Tottenham; ‚Äč Arsenal; ‚Äč Chelsea; ‚Äč Inter; ‚Äč Napoli; ‚Äč Valencia; ‚Äč Betis; ‚Äč Sevilla; ‚Äč Granada; ‚Äč Getafe; ‚Äč Espanyol; ‚Äč Mallorca; ‚Äč Alcoy; ‚Äč Osasuna; ‚Äč Celta; ‚Äč Alaves; ‚Äč Valladolid; ‚Äč Rayo Vallecano; ‚Äč Villarreal; ‚Äč Atletico; ‚Äč Malaga; ‚Äč Sporting; ‚Äč Barcelona; ‚Äč Atl√©tico; ‚Äč Athletic; ‚Äč Eibar; ‚Äč Leganes; ‚Äč Levante; ‚Äč Deportivo.
You can always follow the results on the sports statistics website. It is easy to do this, because the information is updated in real time. This will allow you to not miss anything important, and not to miss anything interesting.
Main favorites of LaLiga
The first rounds have already shown us that the season is very intensive, and we will see the results in the next few weeks.
In the Champions tournament, the main favorite of the competition will be the same team that won it in the previous season: Barcelona. This time, the Catalons will play with ‚Äč ‚ÄčLiverpool, ‚Äč who will be their main rival.
However, the most dangerous rival of the Reds is ‚Äč ‚ÄčInter. The Italian team is considered the main contender for the victory in the Champions cup.
Another team that is considered a favorite is ‚Äč‚ÄčBarclays. The English club has won the Champions trophy for the last time in 1992, and is considered to be one of those teams that can not be stopped.
At the same time, ‚Äč Juventus ‚Äč ‚Äč has a tough time, because of the fact it is still trying to win gold medals.
It is also worth noting that ‚Äč ‚ÄčLeicester ‚Äč ‚Äč is considered as one of favorites. The Foxes have a very good lineup and are capable of winning the tournament in a short period.
Most interesting matches of this year’s tournament
The tournament of the European football is always interesting, because there are a lot to choose from. The most interesting matches are:
1) The match between ‚Äč ‚ÄčBayern ‚Äč ‚Äč and ‚Äč ‚Äč Real ‚Äč ‚Äč. The German team has a very interesting lineup, because they are able to play with almost every team in Europe.
This year, ‚Äč Real has a new coach, ‚Äč Zidane, ‚Äč but the team is still capable of scoring goals.
Bayern is also considered one the main competitors of ‚Äč Real, ‚Äč because of its strong lineup.
But ‚Äč ‚ÄčRoma ‚Äč ‚Äč have a strong lineup, too, ‚Äč so they can play against ‚Äč ‚ÄčChelsea ‚Äč ‚Äč or ‚Äč ‚Äč Liverpool.
If ‚Äč ‚Äčthe team ‚Äč ‚Äčloses, ‚Äč it will be very difficult for it to win.
One of the most intriguing matches is ‚Äč the match between ‚Äč‚Äč ‚Äč ‚ÄčPSG ‚Äč ‚Äčand ‚Äč ‚Äč Juventus. ‚Äč ‚Äč PSG ‚Äč has an interesting lineup. The players are able of playing not only with ‚Äč Juventus, ‚Äčbut also ‚Äč ‚ÄčNapoli ‚Äč ‚Äč, ‚Äč Betlem ‚Äč ‚Äč, ‚Äč ‚Äč Bettega ‚Äč ‚Äč ‚Äč, and ‚Äč Real.

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